Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Three R's

I've heard it said that the three R's are an important part of life.
Monday lunchtime we had a wander through part of Gosforth Park NR.
The sun shining through the trees which were yet to unfurl their leaves, making it a very pleasant, sheltered, and warm experience as we approached the Northern perimeter of the reserve.
Suddenly just to reinforce the belief, there they were, the three of them, all within a stones throw of each other-
Red Squirrel bounding along a fallen tree trunk

Roe Deer keeping an eye on us from a wooded glade.

Race Horses starting the 2.10 5f handicap.

The one mile straight of the course runs alongside the northern boundary of the reserve.
Checked the result the next morning and it was won by King of Eden, which I thought appropriate.
Also watched a tReecreeper but that didn't seem to fit to well.
An exceptional entertaining encounter .. mmm there's a thought, or maybe I've gone far enough with this line.


Codders said...


once again great sketches, you have really captured that "watching glare" of the deer. Got to get up there this weekend and see me some squirrels as I haven't seen a red for months


Emma Anderson said...

That brings back memories. I used to visit Gosforth Park Nature Reserve regularly when I lived at Killingworth and was a member of the N&DNHS. This is a lovely post with super sketches.

Citybirding said...

Thanks Emma and John,
The Red Squirrel is the first I have seen in the reserve

kirstallcreatures said...

I'm liking the sketches, they're reaaly effective in illustrating your account, good work, Linda