Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Northumberland coast

It was intended to be just a short trip to Cresswell this morning but turned into a bit more.
Within a few  miles further north we were treated to good views of these fine birds

Spoonbill at Hauxley

Two Little Egrets. Only one in this photo with the Spoonbill.

and this corker

This clutch of Shelduck chicks  were nice to see

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cragside lakes

First of all let me advise you where we bought the best steak and kidney pie and the best cornish pastie we have ever tasted. Go to The Rothbury Family Butchers - you will not be disappointed.
Then up to the lakes in Cragside Estate to see if there were any damsels and dragons to be seen.
On arrival there was no sun hence no dragonfly, but after half an hour out came the sun as well as Large Red, Blue-tailed and Azure Damselfly. Not far behind were the Four-spotted Chaser Dragonflies. With a bit of a breeze blowing they were all located in the more sheltered lakeside spots.

Oh, and this strange flying object........

Monday, 18 June 2012

Bee bonanza

We have gradually been trying to put plants into the garden which may be useful to bees and so far I was thinking I had wasted my efforts but with this mornings sunshine the flowers were covered with bees of one sort or another.
Note to self: start trying to identify them
So I have posted here a few pics of them busy at work

Monday, 11 June 2012


Had to make a trip to Kirkharle Gallery  to deliver some work and while we were there a pair of Grey Wagtail were flycatching in the adjacent stream.
Although the light was poor their colours shone out like a beacon. Very smart birds.

and these were the two I delivered

Friday, 8 June 2012

Tynemouth Haven Fulmars

Further to the previous post I did manage to sneak a few images of the Fulmars flying across the cliff face.
Their  nasal passages  attached to the upper bill as well as the bills' pronounced hooked end make it quite unique in appearance

Apparently they can produce a stomach oil made which is used against predators, which can lead to death, as well as an energy rich food source for chicks and for the adults during their long flights. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tynemouth Haven

The intention had been for a stroll along the pier but due to the recent heavy seas the gate was shut.
However whilst standing looking over the wall this Kestrel appeared just above.

It then flew down to a nearby lighting standard