Monday, 30 August 2010

Shibdon again

Shibdon pond is having a great run at the moment and with that near horizontal evening light looking so good we could not resist another visit this evening.
This Kingfisher was quite content to pose for a while.

A Greenshank took a rest while its mates were busy feeding

This Grey Wagtail kept looking at us and posing

Apparently there are currently two Spotted Crake in the pond margins

This Snipe was right in front of the hide
There were also a couple of Little Egret, Water Rail,  a  Green Sandpiper,  and a Spotted Redshank.

Double take

A recent evening visit to Shibdon pond coincided with totally still conditions. This provided some very distinct reflections

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cresswell fliers

As well as a good range of bird species seen on our recent visit to Cresswell we saw a good selection of butterfly and dragonfly.
Painted Lady


Small Copper

Silver Y moth

Common Darters all ready for take off

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A nice selection

With a good weather forecast it seemed the only thing to do to get up to Cresswell and Druridge this morning.
We were not to be disappointed.
First stop Cresswell hide and the sandbank was very nicely populated
Spotted Redshank


Greenshank - could see five but there may have been more behind the reeds to the right


Then after a bite to eat at The Country Barn ,which is worth a visit, we went to Druridge ponds where there was a
Common Sandpiper

After the obligatory vanilla ice cream a quick squint over the beach brought into view half a dozen
Sanderling - nice to see them returning and doing what they do best - running.
A couple of pairs of Ringed Plover were amongst them

A very enjoyable trip and I will describe the Butterfly and Dragonfly sightings next post

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Shibdon Pond

With the breakthrough of sun this evening I had time to get down to Shibdon pond to see if anything new had arrived.
In front of the hide were a couple of Green Sandpiper and a single Redshank.
At the far side was a single Greenshank feeding in the shallows.
Five Little Egret moved around the pond and Water Rail emerged from the reed beds.
A single Snipe sat on the timbers above water level

and the Cormorant tree was laden

Friday, 20 August 2010

Greenshank at Shibdon

Have been out of the area all this week so missed the earlier excitement at Druridge. Thought I would have a quick visit to Shibdon although it was getting dusk. I was pleased to have made the effort when I picked up a single Greenshank feeding at the east end of the pond

The five Egret were also all present but no sign of Spotted Crake.
Have just added Saturdays lower image which was of a brief stop and then it was off.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Shibdon and Reeth

At Shibdon this afternoon this cracking Green Sandpiper gave plenty of time to view

Snipe at Shibdon

There were a couple of dozen Canada Geese, Water Rail, Oystercatcher, Grey Heron but no sign of the Egret
Black-tailed skimmer on Shibdon walkway

Having left Shibdon I then went over to Newburn and The Reeth
Southern hawker at Reeth Pond

There were also Four-spotted chaser dragonfly and loads of Peacock and Wall butterfly

Monday, 9 August 2010

Kirkstall Valley

Sunday afternoon saw us wandering alongside the canal in Kirkstall valley. A very restful place this.
Lots of Damselfly and as the afternoon warmed up there were many Brown Hawker dragonfly scooting about over the water, in the hedgerows and adjacent fields.
These Hawkers seem to seldom come to rest so we were grateful to see this one still for a few seconds.

Brown Hawker

Pastures new

A weekend visit to see our daughter in Leeds provided the chance to visit new pastures. Linda suggested a visit to Rodley Nature Reserve particularly because they have constructed a network of Dragonfly ponds.
Basically there are about six or seven small ponds about five or six meters in diameter with a ditch running through the middle of them. They were constructed only a couple of years ago but already were host to many Brown Hawkers, Common Darter, many Damselfly, and I think Common Hawker. All of the walkways around the site had dragons zooming about - magic. Even the car park had half a dozen Brown Hawkers charging about.
The site is run by volunteers and open Sat, Sun, and Wed 10-4. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

I'm afraid I only had eyes for Dragonfly but may get the chance for another visit and more species next week.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More Dragons

With the sun appearing mid afternoon I hot footed it to Banks Pond. There were two or three Emperor, a couple of Four-spotted chaser, many Common Darter and loads of Damselfly around the pond.
This Four-spotted chaser has suffered a lot of wing damage presumably resulting from repeated confrontations with the Emperors, many of which I witnessed.

I also visited Big Waters outlet stream. This was the first time I had been there recently in full sun but there was nothing in flight over water. It was quite windy.
However as on the last three visits, the path on the north side of the stream was holding hunting Dragonfly, particularly on the stretch where the trees close in on the path. There were male and female Common Darter and a pair of Southern Hawker.
This male perched obligingly on a blackberry bush.

The female was constantly on the move, but I was satisfied enough.

Monday, 2 August 2010

I do not believe it....

Its just typical.
You spend hours trying to get to see some Dragonfly and then get near enough to capture a photo and then the first time the better half comes with you its as easy as this.

These were along the path to the Budge Hide, Creswell. Most I believe to be male and female Common darter.
These private viewings happened no less than five times.
At least I now know the secret.