Thursday, 8 April 2010

Blanchland moors

We had a ride to Blanchland for lunch today and never being without a camera I managed to grab a few pics from the car which capture the general scene there at the moment.
Red Grouse were abundant with many appearing at the roadside. The heather looked no more appetising than all-bran without milk, but they were getting stuck in anyway

There were many pairs of Lapwing dotted around the grassed areas between the heather

Just west of Edmundbyers there were a few Greylag feeding alongside the sheep whilst a couple of Buzzard hung motionless on the hill updraft


Codders said...

Dick, drove through Blanchland a few days ago on a non birding thing but failed to see any Red Grouse. It must be your younger eyes.


Johnnykinson said...

That heather doesn't sound the best.

Citybirding said...

Younger is one thing they are not. There are a lot about, with some wandering over the roads.