Sunday, 31 May 2009

Evening visit.

One evening, earlier in the week, visited Big Waters. Although it was generally quite there were some colourful visitors.
Both male and female Great Spotted Woodpecker were present -

This Little Grebe had quite a struggle to get the better of the the fish which it had caught -

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cresswell Crested Grebes

Just remembered about these images I managed to get at Cresswell earlier this week. The only time they displayed their crests was when they were partially hidden by reeds - as you would expect, but impressive creatures no less.

and a pair of Shelduck (thanks Alan) with family at far end of pond

Monday, 25 May 2009

Amble Terns

We zipped up to Alnmouth early this morning, had a coffee and headed back South as the convoys were building Northwards.
The Terns were busy fishing just upstream of Amble Marina and their antics quite superb to watch.
I need help with ident. The bill looks like Sandwich Tern but I have no hint of a crest

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Town Moor

Thought I'd wander onto the Town Moor and see what I could photograph. With no cover I'm finding its best to walk into the areas where the birds seem to congregate the most, and get set and wait for them to come to you. First time I knelt down the knee went straight into a cowpat!
Naturally there are plenty of Skylark

and Pipits which I'm presuming are Meadow Pipits

and Wheatear

Monday, 18 May 2009

Magic of Mull

Just back from a week on the Isle of Mull.
We managed to get an early ferry from Oban which allowed us time to check out a White-tailed Eagle nest sight which we found last year. Sure enough they were there again, so off to Tobermory to unload the car.
Last year the targets were eagles and otters so this year I thought we would try to spot Harriers and Northern Divers.
The White Tailed Eagles were numerous although distant sightings.
The nice thing about Mull is that you can drive for 15 minutes and see nobody then there is a car with the occupants out looking skyward and they are pleased to share their spot. So it was when we saw two large soaring birds. They made their way down to a hillside perch where they both rested -- Golden Eagle, pair.

What good fortune.
Walking along the lochside we spotted a hunting otter which kept about 20 yards ahead of us so we had good sightings.

Just as we left the otter I saw something lift off a low level perch and for a while head toward us before veering off to the right. Just managed to get a pic of sorts, -White-tailed Eagle.They are big!

We were then entertained by these Buzzards which can look quite drab until you catch sight of underwings

A trip around Loch Na Keal provided a photo opportunity for the first target - Great Northern Diver

There were five that day
and a little way further on there was a female Marsh Harrier hunting a steep hillside. The excitement of the incident together with being on a 5ft wide road, vertical rock face on both sides, one upward and one downward, and someone wanting to be past meant I screwed up the photo. Should have been more single minded. It was however good enough to confirm the sighting.
We were lucky with weather and enjoyed touring the island where you just do not know what will be around the corner - and there are plenty of them. I won't bore you with a list but here are a few sightings and views through our time on Mull-
Woods at Knock

White-tailed Eagle on nest


Sedge Warbler - tell me if I'm wrong

Mountain Hare


Would appreciate ident help on this one - is it a Linnet?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Off on hols

Well thats about it.
Early Saturday its off to the Isle Of Mull, so hopefully there will be some pics to show.