Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fungi Autumn Colours?

Last year I realised that the Havannah NR was a little bit special for its wide variety of fungi which it produces. Why this should be I'm unsure since it is a wooded reclaimed mining site, so is not an ancient woodland.
However there is a lot of rotting fallen tree debris covering industrial landfill, and it makes it look right for fungi. A good range of trees provides varying ground conditions and the ground seems well drained in the centre of the wood and very wet around the perimeter.
Maybe I've answered my own question.
So last night, whilst not expecting much I was pleasantly surprised to see some quite colourful specimen dotted around the woodland ground litter.
Strangely they all exibited colours you would normally expect in autumn.

A member of the Polyporus group with pores on the underside instead of gills. The cap is about 8cms diameter.

Bracket fungi again with pore underside

Bracket fungi Trametes Versicolor

I'm unable to identify the cap and stem with gills underside. The cap is 5cm diameter.


kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely, you've got some good fungi there, its a good spot isnt it. Linda

Davy T. said...

Nice pics i will have to get along