Saturday, 15 September 2012


An open day at Northumberlandia presented to chance to have a look around.
There were loads of visitors in the same mind. The extensive pond areas will no doubt provide some wildlife interest in the future.

Spotted only Pipits, Grey Heron and Magpie but, once the number of visitors settles it will be interesting to see what turns up. The scrub area adjacent will no doubt provide good cover for the local bird population.

 We did have a Common Darter come to rest on the path in front of us so it hasn't taken them long to find the place.

I understand that it will not be open to the public fully for another few weeks but we will then have another location to have a wander and watch - can't be bad.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blagdon Estate

A Plant Heritage plant sale at Blagdon Estate last Sunday  provided the first opportunity for me to have a look around the estate. Google maps had shown that there were some stretches of water so I hoped to spot a dragonfly or two.

First port of call was the lake south east of the hall.

Walking around the east side we came upon a sun soaked glade at the edge of the lake. Dozens of Common Darter and  3-4  Migrant Hawkers soaking up the sun

After an extended wander we walked down to the old walled kitchen garden

 We were confronted with a sight I had never dreamed possible in the North East. Wherever you looked there were 10-12 dragonflies on the wing. I'm guessing that the numbers were so high as a result of the preceding 7-8 days of fine weather. It was unbelievable to me having scratched around this area looking for dragonfly often with meagre and at times zero results.
More Migrant Hawkers on the south facing garden wall

Just in case anyone is interested the next Blagdon open day is 21 October. Probably a bit late for dragons but you never know since it is a really sheltered area.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

North Yorks Moors - Tranmire Bogs

Another sunny day provided the chance to visit Wheeldale Moor and in particular Tranmire Bogs.
Its is located adjacent to one of the the three fords which cross the road and as soon as I stepped out of the car there were dragonfly on the wing.

Once again many Black Darters and Hawkers patrolled back and forth.
However the highlight was the opportunity to grab some pics of Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

There were many Migrant Hawkers in this same area

Monday, 10 September 2012

North York Moors - Goathland

A few days in Whitby presented the opportunity to check out moorland dragonfly.
First location was The Tarn,  Goathland. I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant sunny day with little wind and after only fifteen minutes walk, arrived at the tarn. I was encouraged to see a couple of hawkers skimming across the the heather which was in full colour

It was so still that the clattering of dragonfly wings could clearly be heard as they flew amongst the reeds.

Common and Migrant Hawkers patrolled the waters edge and
there were dozens of male and female Black Darters, many of them coupled as well as Emerald Damselfly

Red Grouse were on show amongst the heather and a Sparrowhawk hunted over the ridge