Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mining Bees

Each year we get a visit of mining bees, into a small patch of the garden,
This year there are at least two types, which don't seem to get on too well with each other
There is the Tawny Mining Bee, Andrena Fulva

and what looks like Andrena Bimaculata, but I'm not confident.
Colletes Conicularis could be there

This is a typical nest where the Tawny Mining bee will lay its eggs and where the young bee will stay until it emerges next year. I understand that once the bees establish a suitable area they will return each year

I'm beat as to what this large one is


abbey meadows said...

Interesting post. I was watching a Tawny mining bee in my garden on friday. We get them (or one) every year.

Citybirding said...

Apart from the Tawny, the others in the garden all seemed to be 'mining bees' but ident is a problem. I referred back to last year and they appeared exact same week.