Tuesday, 13 April 2010


My last post was related to the search for a new abode and this one features Feral Pigeons losing their long time resting place.
The Sanderson Hospital building, Salters Road, Gosforth has been subject to demolition over the last month. The Pigeons have used the highest roof point for as long as I know, but this morning that was the only part of the building left standing.
Then it was The Return of the Machines.

It appeared a family protest was organised

But as usual, just a few brave souls remained

This group flew from inside

A crow does its protest on the jaws of the machine

One last look back at what was once home

Actually it was all a bit sad to see pairs of birds still circling the remains a couple of hours later.
But I can now see what the weather is like at the coast.

P.S. Five hours later.
They have established a place for the night on the opposite side of Salters Road


Codders said...

Great little tale, although I suspect the owner of the house where they now seem to have taken up residence will be a bit pissed off.


Citybirding said...

An hour ago they were all on a rooftop ten yards from us. The flock has grown to about four times the size so I think the old building must have been a collective nightime roost. At the moment they are flying round in circles.

PCF said...

Don't worry chaps they'll soon gravitate to that home of the lost and lonely.........the roof of the Gosforth Hotel