Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Warbling wonders

I've not had much success at capturing a half decent photo of any of the warblers which frequent our hedgerows.
So yesterday I set out to try to rectify that situation.
The plan being, once I had located the target, get as close to the bush as I could and just stand until the bird worked its way into a position where I could press the button.

It would appear that if the bird is on a Birch, they often work their way out along the branch inspecting each cluster of leaves until they reach the end - then that was my chance - they would then skip back into the centre and do it all over again.
At least that how it appeared to me and I ended up with a few shots of which these are a sample.

On three occasions I was close to a Grasshopper Warbler, as a result of their call, but totally failed to obtain a sighting.
Since I have currently lost sound on my pc I am glossing over identifying the above pics

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kirstallcreatures said...

What lovely pics, Linda