Friday, 23 July 2010

Tyne Riverside Park - The Reeth pond

For a while now I have been aware of a pond in the Tyne Riverside Park near Throckley without actually seeing it. The pond is called The Reeth. Earlier today we decided to wander over there and see if there was any Dragonfly activity.
This is the east end of the pond.

and this is the other end about 300 yards to the west.

I did see a Four-spotted chaser, Common Hawker, one large unidentified dragon and plenty of Damselfly but that was it. The pond looks right for dragonfly so I'll try another visit soon.
We did catch a couple of glimpses of a Kingfisher as it flew along the pond and back again. Also one dive to capture a fish. There are also some large fish in there although I was unable to identify them. Apparently there is a fishing club use the pond

There were plenty of both Moorhen and Mallard with young broods


kirstallcreatures said...

Looks like a decent pond and a good find, like the pic of the Long Tail Tit, Linda

Johnnykinson said...

You are a hard man to please, though but!
The Reeth Pond looks like the reet pond to me.
Some people would be very happy with a Four-spot Chaser or a Common Hawker never mind both AND a mystery Dragon'
I'd settle for any of the three!

PCF said...

Great minds think alike.

Citybirding said...

The pond looks interesting Linda so worth a return visit.
I suppose I am getting greedy John.
After seeing your last post Peter I se what you mean.