Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kibblesworth Dragons

I'm still on the dragon hunt and this afternoon as the sun started to kick in I paid my first visit to Kibblesworth Brick Ponds and was not disappointed.
This Emperor frequently perched in the same area between forays over the pond.

Emerald damselfly - male. Ive just learnt that the wings at 45 degrees is the key to confirming ident for this one.

Common darter - female

Common darter - male

There was a large Dragon hunting along a high line of trees but I was unable to make an ident. Four-spotted chasers and Black-tailed skimmers were also present. I visited only a couple of the ponds and enjoyed an hour and a half without anyone else present but gave up when a couple of dog walkers turned up and encouraged their pets into the pond. The Little Grebe in the middle wasn't to impressed.


little sparrow said...

cracking shots of all your dragons dick,its a while since iv seen any dragon fly's,I must go to the wrong places.where is kibblesworth if you don't mind telling me,cheers dick

Davy T. said...

Nice Photos. Kibblesworth is a fantastic site but the dogs spoil it as usual.

Citybirding said...

I agree Davy it was a really peaceful site then suddenly all hell was let loose.
Shaun, the best directions I can give is to go to the Gateshead Birders website and their Sites Index page. They provide detailed advice and a map.