Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Quiet but busy

Things were very quite as I strolled up the bridleway last evening at Prestwick Carr.
Bird calls were almost totally absent presumably because no longer are territories to be marked out, or the need to attract mates. Just the occasional warning call as I wandered past. Although I don't know what its called there seems to be other very quiet single note calls which birds make as though simply to let its mate know 'I'm just here', but no doubt I've got that wrong.
However there was still plenty of activity on the carrying out of family responsibilities. Almost every bird I managed to photograph was carrying insects and grub.
I was surprised to locate three different Sedge Warblers along the path.

Curlew were calling from the fields to the west and a Sparrowhawk was patrolling the field to the east.
Meadow Pipits and Whitethroat also were still rearing young.

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