Saturday, 10 July 2010

A little disturbance

On a recent visit to Gosforth Park NR, I had just reached the entrance alongside the visitors hut, when a pair of Wren started to create one almighty racket.
A Blackbird joined the din.

I thought I'd just stand and try to see what was the cause of all this fuss.
Sure enough a young fox came trotting through, right under the Wren, had a sniff around then calmly trotted off again

Calm returned


Codders said...


Carole and I were there last Sunday and we took the top ride next to the big open field and only about 5m in a young fox just walked in off the field, looked at us then just sauntered into the trees. Carole was really excited as it was the closest she had ever been to one.


Citybirding said...

Sounds like that was the same area as I saw a fox John