Thursday, 29 July 2010

Not as expected

A couple of evenings ago with the sun shining I visited Woolsington ponds. I wanted to see if there may be any dragonfly about, and even though time was getting on, it was still quite warm.It was however quite breezy. There were none over the water, or its margins at any of the three ponds.
However I was surprised to see them appearing amongst the vegetation a few yards away from the water. There were five or six female Common darter but no sign of any male - which I found most strange but no doubt there was reason for that.

There was also half a dozen Comma butterfly amongst the bramble and lower leaves of surrounding trees. This one had settled on a small sunlit patch surrounded by shade.
It stood out like a beacon.


kirstallcreatures said...

The Comma really does stand out doesn't it. L

Citybirding said...

Hi Linda, It stood out a mile with the rest of the tree being in shadow and it being on the only sunlit spot.