Saturday, 30 January 2010

Sanderling's Incredible Journey

I have now corrected this sighting after it was established that I had provided details of the rings on the wrong legs
On the 28/01/10, I sent in ring sighting, using this and other photos, through BTO/Euring for this Sanderling at South Beach, St Mary's Island

The correct ring pattern is as per sketch below

I received a reply dated 31/01/2010 from Jeroen Reneerkens pictured below. The Sanderling had been ringed by him at Sandgeroi in Iceland on the 20/05/09.

Subsequently it has been sighted
St Mary's Island - 09/09/10 through to
St Mary's Island - 28/01/10
Jeroen Reneerkens blog tells about his research in Greenland and Iceland with Sanderling and you really must play the video titled 'Julia...' on the first page - incredible.
Information about Jeroen's research into Sanderlings can also be found at Wader Study Group website

.....and we trust the journey still has a long way to go.


Stewart J said...

Fascinating stuff thanks for the links


Birding about Northumberland said...

Fantastic video of 'Julia' made me smile and leave for work with a massive grin

kirstallcreatures said...

That's a wonderful blog. Its a really good use of links & information. Well done. Linda

Tim Sexton said...

Top blogging! That video is wonderful.

Codders said...


absolutely fascinating and what a great blog and I thought I was doing well with the Sanderling coming within 2-3ft on the North Beach at St Marys.

John (Howdon Blogger)

Codders said...

Just an afterthought, that drawing of your bird with rings on is not up to your normal standard (tut,tut). Even with my birding skills I would be hard pressed to decide between Sanderling or Knot (LOL).