Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Derwenthaugh Meadows

Had to call into town this afternoon so on completion of the task I thought I'd just have a look down to the river. Of course, not having checked the tide table, the river was up - no mud - no birds.
So it was along Scotswood Road across the bridge and parked up at Derwenthaugh Meadows. The Snow is well on its way out, but the ponding is still partially iced up. Redshanks were slipping and sliding across the iced bits and Curlew were either finding some areas of softer ground or just scratching around in the flattened grass. Mistle Thrush and Fieldfare were on the ground appearing not to find much of interest. Lapwing were dotted about the area not doing much at all.
Did not over to the burn today, but am going to try and visit this area more often.

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