Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gosforth Park NR

At the first hint of a bit of improvement in the weather this afternoon, I was out to Gosforth Park NR.
Not sure if there would be much about but was looking forward to a walk through the woodland anyway. First spot was John from Howden Blogger who had earlier spotted some deer.
We spent a few minutes watching Great, Coal and Blue Tits at the feeders alongwith a couple of Nuthatch, Robin, Dunnock, Pheasant, Moorhen.
I continued out toward the racecourse and John went to do his shopping before going home. Not sure what time he left home to get the bread and milk but he said something about also being to St. Mary's earlier today. Reckon the porridge would be cold by now.
As I neared the edge of the racecourse there were four deer amongst the trees. So I did my thing of trying to look like a still tree trunk. Its been said in the past that I am quite good at it, at least that was what I think they meant. I managed to half the distance between us, and although one of them had its beady eye on me they did not bolt. As they strolled across my field of view I managed to get a couple of shots before they disappeared into the shrubs.

As I continued on my way I came to one of the ditches which drains the racecourse, looking upstream there were a couple of Water Rail, one of which bolted up the culvert while the other headed for cover. I defaulted to looking like a tree trunk again and the Water Rail broke cover and also headed for the culvert where I got one shot just good enough to confirm the sighting.


Johnnykinson said...

Fair weather birder eh?
Nice deer shots.........the Water Rails are much in evidence. I had 3 in view together at Rising Sun yesterday.....they were in the ditch leading from Swallow Pond, it is frozen solid and they, like many others must be desperate. Like your deer they didn't seem too bothered when they spotted me.

Bryan Rains said...

Cracking deer shots. No mention of Red Squirrels - have they died out there? Gossy Park was my old stamping ground!

Citybirding said...

Thanks Johnny and Bryan. The Red Squirrels are back in the Park although I did not see any yesterday

Codders said...


Yes I did eventually get the shopping done although when I got home at 15.30 the Mrs had been out and got some milk herself. I had been out since 8, and arrived at Gosforth via St Marys and Big Waters then Prestwick Carrs. I spotted a Fox on the way out and a fleeting glimpse of something yellow which could have been a Grey Wagtail but not definite. Was great to bump into you and hope I will see you soon.

John (Howdon Blogger)(At Work)