Monday, 18 January 2010


I know I keep posting images of Sanderling but I just cant help it. They fascinate me.
We walked along the waters edge at Druridge Bay around midday today -blue sky, bright sun, warm as toast - magic.
There were about ten of these little beauties on the tideline. As they scamper back and forth you would think that they were on wheels.
I noted one of them was ringed and I can enlarge that image sufficiently so that I can send the ring details to BTO.
I must note that I have been really impressed with the ringing organisation because I have always had a reply to all ring sightings I have submitted through BTO.


Johnnykinson said...

Big Sanderling fan myself Dick. I always think of the Keystone Cops and the old silent films when i see them running in and out with the tide.

Tim Sexton said...

They do like to play chicken with those waves. I saw a kid trying to do the same thing last Sunday - he got soaked :)

Citybirding said...

Johnny, Tim,
They certainly seem to attract peoples attention.