Thursday, 8 October 2009

Saw an Ibis but also.....

Returned to Druridge Hide mid afternoon after an abortive morning visit when it was busy.
Was met with that dreaded call.. " You've just missed a........"
which had been a Hobby chasing a Dunlin around in front of the hide.
One of the three guys in the hide still had his bins locked onto the bird as it chased the Dunlin out to sea. Then...
"Looks like its given up" was the next update. Followed by "Its on its way back...its just over the reeds.....coming this way...." by which time I had put down the bins, picked up the camera, power on, zoom on and there it was , right in front of us.

Gotcha , and it was off again.
My kind commentator just did not have time to reach for his camera.
The bird came to rest on the point just west of the hide where it sat for about 10-15 minutes.
The Ibis was tucked up in the reeds right at the west side of the pond, but it didn't matter. A couple of Greenshank were at the far side, and there were hundreds of flying geese everywhere.
A lucky, lucky day.


Johnnykinson said...

Hi City
Just been giving my account of this afternoon to my pal on Messenger, " Did you see the Iris?" he asked. " Yes" i replied " but"......i then explained that, that was not the highlight and described the fantastic aerial display by the Merlin and Dunlin BUT how there might be a god as this guy had missed all this but was the only one to get an image when it landed right in front of us. I patted you on the back then and ill do it again now. Yes the Glossy Ibis was brill. Yes the Merlin was fantastic. But the little twist of fate was the highlight of my day.Its nice to put the face to the blogger. Look forward to bumping to you again and reading your blogs.

Citybirding said...

Hi John, I was hoping you might see this since I wanted to thank you again. I certainly felt I had all the luck going at that time.