Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blackbirds Galore

Having read Farne Island blog that there has been a large influx of Blackbird, I went into Leazes Park this morning on my way to work.
Blackbirds have been few and far between recently, but as soon as I got into the park I could see things had changed. The park was chock full of Blackbirds, so could not resist a couple of welcoming pics.

As I understand it, this male below is likely to be in its first year, indicated by the brown wing feathers and the bill not yet having turned pure yellow.

There was also good numbers of Robin present. Managed to get a pic of sorts of a Goldcrest


Codders said...

Hi, we had about 30 Blackbirds on the fenced off bit of Waste Ground at Rye Hill next to the Villa Vic Pub yesterday, they were all ground feeding for quite a while and the majority were quite young (brown wing feathers and dark bill). Dont know if they arrived together or they are turning the place into a "Local".


Citybirding said...

I'm guessing that they land in a gang then gradually disperse into their own patch.

PCF said...

Was at Stag Rocks this afternoon (at the same time somebody BUT NOT ME saw a Black Guillemot!!) and eight Blackbirds came in from the sea in two groups of four, three of the birds dropping exhausted into the dunes for a rest.
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