Friday, 23 October 2009

Bolam Woods

Another grey day on Thursday saw us driving over Bellasis Bridge heading North toward Bolam lake and woods. At Bellasis the only birds of note were one Mistle Thrush and one Buzzard. Buzzards regularly appeared as we drove on as well as hovering Kestrel. Yellow Hammer were present zipping back and forward from field to hedge
In the woods at Bolam however there were loads of Fungi to be photographed, so here are a selection


Johnnykinson said...

A nice selection of Fungi "City". I'm really into the fungi thing at present but get bogged down for hours on end trying to identify them. Do you know what any of yours are?

Citybirding said...

Hi Jonny,
I'm in the process of identification which I find a bit of a nightmare, but will keep trying. Am expecting a lot more to appear after this rain