Sunday, 25 October 2009

Grey day - Golden Plovers

I had overlooked the posting of this event, but a few days ago I was passing the Timber Beach, River Tyne, at Dunston on a very grey day. However upon stopping to have a look, the grey mud was lit up by at least 400 Golden Plover stretched out along the waters edge

Every few minutes another four or six would arrive and tag onto the end of the string. Two or three times they lifted off and were an impressive sight before settling down again only three or four deep but in a very long line. Their calls being very distinct.
The sighting ended with a helicopter flying upriver and scattering the lot.

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Emma Anderson said...

One thing about living in the city, or near to it, is that you have lots of reserves to visit within a short distance. I have added your blog to my list. Lovely pictures, especially the blackbird amongst the autumn leaves.