Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bees or Wasps?

Following Saturday's blow, Sunday seemed a good day to clear out some of the summer vegetation in the garden. Was working on a patch next to a Laurel bush when I noticed what I first thought to be wasps on the leaves. However they were half as long again as the type of wasp I normally see and was fitted with large antlers.
Quite by chance I came across an identification querie for the same insect on the internet.
It would appear that it is not a wasp but a bee, possibly a Nomada goodeniana. It is evident that the body is covered in hairs, and I presume is part of the link to being a member of the bee family.
If anyone has another view I would be pleased to receive it.
Have added a few of the other visitors to the leaves at the same time

Look at the size of the eyes on this one

This one is a Hoverfly

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