Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Quest for Grayling

I had read in a previous years butterfly sightings report that the site of now demolished Blyth Power Station was good for Grayling.
Knowing that the original security fence still existed I thought I'd have a wander around the perimeter and hope for a bit of luck.
I got it in bucketloads.
I stumbled upon an area a bit larger than a football pitch which was crushed brick and concrete with a few plants, and which held a couple of dozen Grayling.
Number 31 in The Quest.

The Grayling are in the area to the right of where I took the pic below and on the banking in view

Then for a walk along the cliff top north where despite a northerly breeze there were Grayling in the shrubs. Then I spotted a buddlea in full prime bloom across the road which entertained Grayling and Small Tortoiseshell.

Two of the Grayling seemed to be doing a bit courtship which involved rapid opening and closing of wings so I took shots as quick as possible and luckily got an open overwing picture


John Hall said...

Great Going Dick


Johnnykinson said...

Now that's a good capture. Grayling with wings open!

Citybirding said...

Thanks J&J with this luck its lottery ticket time

kirstallcreatures said...

Smashing grayling pics, johnnys right, that open winged shot is a corker. 31 species, whodathunkit !L