Monday, 14 July 2014

Causey Arch

I continued the Hairstreak hunt today and was successful both at Wingate Quarry and Chester le Street with White-letter Hairstreak.
However it was another Purple blank. I ended up at Causey Arch which was part of my first 'patch' more than sixty five years ago - struth, I wish I hadn't reminded myself.
However standing on the arch walkway I got interested in watching a bird regularly flying from its perch out to try and catch flying insects down near the burn. It met its match when it tried three times to take a Comma butterfly and failed.
It was only when it perched at a point much nearer to where I stood that I managed to see what I believe is my first Spotted Flycatcher.

Its a lang way doon. View from the Arch.
Sobering thought that when this arch was built, they forgot to insert a keystone. Just thought I would mention it before you decide to walk across.

Causey Arch

So I didn't get what I planned for but it was a fair swop

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