Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wheatears keep you fit

Thought this morning that I had better make the effort to visit Seaton Snook. I was familiar with the location of the car park at the north end of the bay so thought I'd use it and walk along the beach to the south end where the Isabelline Wheatear was reported.
At the last minute I decided to walk down the track alongside the golf course to Zinc works. Faster I thought, wrong.
Onto the beach and where is the throng?, yep, at the North end of the bay.
So a brisk walk on the beach would do no harm, almost there and then I saw that sight that everyone hates of the throng pointing bins all in different directions.
Its gone!
90 minutes searching dunes, golf course etc ended with chips at Seaton and the plan to check the beach once again.
Parked back at the north end, onto the beach and yes you guessed it, the throng were at the South end.

I did hot foot it this time, and, nearly there when the multidirectional bins and scopes were at it again as a bloke and six dogs walked through them.
But things settled and in no time the bird came close up to greet me.

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kirstallcreatures said...

We'll done, target species identified! What an adventure. L