Friday, 7 November 2014


Have spent a few hours over the last couple of days at Newbiggin. The first target was Little Auk with Snow Bunting also on the list.
Thursday morning was a bit 'caad' but I found a spot at the north end of the north bay for a low tide sea watch and shelter, but dipped on Auks. Those who know this point will be able to picture me facing the sea, looking for Auks with the golf course at my back.
I blanked so, I returned to the town for a coffee, scone and a twitter check.
Couldn't help laugh out loud to read a tweet from hour earlier that both Snow Bunting and Little Auks seen at Newbiggin with the Auks flying down the golf course behind me.
You couldn't make it up.
Refreshed I walked back up the cliff top path and was more than pleased to see a Snow Bunting

During all this it was fascinating to watch the groups of thrushes battling in off the sea to make landfall.
Today, despite this mornings rain I wanted to see what else may be about so it was back along the cliff top patch North.
Three individual sightings of Woodcock made the effort and soaking more than worthwhile.
Plenty of other interest also including large flock of Golden Plover

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