Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kestrel vs Owl

On a couple of recent visits to Prestwick Carr I have watched the Short-eared Owl display where they spiral upward in groups and drift away to the west. I was a bit annoyed the last time because I failed to watch where they drifted. So tonight's plan was to observe from the gate on the main road and if they spiral again I'd be into the car and give chase. You've  guessed   it - they did get into a five bird spiral just before seven pm, but it was over the wood and they went off north.
Still there's always tomorrow.
However I did get some good sightings when one landed onto a fencepost at the bottom of the slope in front of me.

As I watched it through the bins a Kestrel came into view directly beyond the Owl,  just above  reed height, low and fast, and heading straight for the perched Owl. It kept coming and actually hit the Owl knocking it off the fencepost.
The Kestrel perched on the post, looking pleased with itself, and the Owl took off at a rate of knots.
There are many Kestrels and Buzzards to be seen also.
One bizzare sight was of four female Pheasants high up in an elder picking berries.

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PCF said...

Nice sketch and way better than all the blurred images I got last night.