Friday, 30 September 2011

A bit of variety

Just for a change this evening I wandered up the bridle path at Prestwick Carr. After a few yards beyond the x-roads I caught sight of three Tree Sparrows. The walk up to the second gate was quite uneventful as I noted that there has been a lot of grass cutting taking place.
At the second gate I watched a couple of Kestrel and a party of about ten Long-tailed Tits. Then in the gap between the north corner of the wood and the stand of dead trees a large bird hunted low and just above the vegetation. It was too far for me to identify but the upper wing colouring was rufous with the end primaries clearly black. It appeared a couple of times before I lost sight of it.
As the light was going, I headed back down the bridle path and was stopped at the sentry box by a couple of Emperor Dragonfly hunting back and forth under the trees. The evening was so quiet I could hear their wings clattering as they flew past
Back at the cross roads I could see that the Short-eared Owls had plenty of visitors so I wandered so far along the road and soon there were four of them heading my way and hunting  both sides of the road.
On returning a couple of bats flew just above my head beside the goat field.

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