Thursday, 15 September 2011

The long and the short

Title credit to PCF on whose patch at Prestwick Carr, I had another great couple of hours tonight
First stop was to view a single Short-eared Owl as it sat on a fencepost where they had recently taken up shelter when the strong westerlies were blowing.
Tonight was quite still with evening sunshine so I wondered if they might be on the other side of the tree line basking, so off I trotted to the next gate.
Set up the scope and started to scan the bushes and quickly spotted some familiar colouring but then the ticker accelerated as I spotted what I considered quite long ear tufts.
Now, not having seen a perched Long-eared Owl, ever, I was in a bit of a dilema. I new Peter and quite a few others were just along the road, watching the Short-eared Owl, so a quick call and he arrived to confirm what I believed I was looking at.
I was a bit chuffed to say the least.
Not a movement for two hours other than to give the occasional squint out of the characteristic orange eye.

I think Brian may have managed to get a better digiscope shot.
There were some good views to be had of a Short-eared Owl hunting, where there appeared to be three or four about tonight by the time I left.


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Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Dick given the cover that LEO shot is very good !!

Citybirding said...

Linda,thats what I felt.
Brian- I'm hoping to see the shot that you managed to get