Sunday, 10 April 2011

Prestwick Carr

Following Peter's posting regarding the Tawny Owl at Prestwick Carr I set off  determined to get a sighting and hopefully a pic. So armed with scope, tripod, camera, bins, and a copy of Peter's photo I headed for the bridle path. I quickly identified the roost branches in the photo and could even see the droppings on the branch below but result as normal - zero.
Last year it totally evaded me and I'm still not convinced that Peter and Bill don't have one of the plastic owl thingies.
Visited the spot three times over the next couple of hours with the same result.
However I was pleased to watch Buzzard, Roe Deer, Golden Plover, Mistle Thrush, Curlew, Long-tailed Tit and the return of Willow Warblers and Wheatear


Johnnykinson said...

Bumped into John(Howdon Blogger) today and he was telling me aboout the Tawny. It's definitely there and if he can see it so can you !!!!!!

PCF said...
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PCF said...

Trying to type too fast!! Fraid to say Dick that my 'dummy' was at his spot 18.00 this Sunday evening

Citybirding said...

I'll keep trying - too daft not to!

Codders said...


got some pics of the Owl on Saturday but how did you get the pics of the Wheatears, they were miles away when I saw them and despite looking at them on and off for the whole 2+hrs I was there they never even came into digiscoping range, although I tried anyway with the pics not quite reaching my bloody awful standard.

Citybirding said...

Hi John,
There were four Wheatear in the field east of the bridle way near the farthest sentry post