Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Persistence Pays

Another visit to Prestwick Carr has at long last produced for me a sighting of a Tawny Owl. It sounds like I am about the last one to connect with this one, but its now done. At least I now know that I had been looking in the correct spot on my many previous attempts.

Further up the bridle way  there were about twenty Fieldfare in the field and a cracking Yellowhammer lit up by the sunset. Three or four Willow Warbler occasionally called from the hedgerow but the cold breeze seemed to take the edge off their enthusiasm.
On the walk back down the bridle way, the large flock of Golden Plover were moving across the horsey fields.

They are all dressed up in their summer outfits

In all I saw three Wheatear in the field North of the second gate and a further two in the horsey field

Then just as I was getting into the car these Curlew came over and settled in the adjacent field


Johnnykinson said...

My turn in the morning. First trip to "The Carr" since the last time.
Quite a while!

Codders said...


seeing is believing - Bet you thought it was a great conspiracy


ps. Now if only I can get a decent shot of the Wheatears

Citybirding said...

Best of luck, and yes I was beginning to think there was a plot.