Thursday, 28 April 2011

Damselfly hunt continued

I'm in the process of trying to establish when Damselfly emerge in different locations.
I have seen some of the first arrivals at Havannah and Big Waters so today, around lunchtime and early afternoon, I visited -
Rising Sun ponds at North end - none seen
Gosforth Park NR - none seen
Pond near Gosforth Park Aquatics  - none seen
Big Waters outlet stream - many as follows

Common Blue - immature male

Common Blue - immature female

Azure Damselfly - female blue form

Large Red - male
difficult to estimate but there must have been more than 50,  although I have yet to spot a female
Then 'lo and behold' have just realised I got this Large Red female without realising

1 comment:

kirstallcreatures said...

The female was well spotted, its so useful to review your pics afterwards isn't it, its so easy to miss the little details. Let the hunt continue!