Monday, 15 March 2010

Never to old...

Had a free couple of hours last night just as it was getting dark so back to Prestwick Carr in the hope of seeing more owl activity.
I opted for parking at the east end of the bumpy road since that was where my last sighting occurred. No action, but to add interest I could see figures about two -thirds of the way along the road watching something. I knew they were in the area where Short-eared owls frequent so I was in that, shall I -shan't I, quandary.

I decided to drive to the half way point and walk to remainder. Sure enough a Barn Owl had been under observation but was now unseen.
As previously as the light faded the airborne activity increased. First the calls and then the silhouetted birds in flight against the lighter parts of the sky. Numerous geese made their way into the flooded field.
On the last visit I heard, many times, a travelling call which I could neither identify nor locate as it passed me by.
I heard it again. Snipe, PCF advised me. Then I was pointed to a number of them flying swiftly over. Time and again small groups flew over.
In half an hour I saw more Snipe than in the rest of my life.
Thanks Peter.

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Codders said...

Nice to see you again last night. Even though there was not a great lot it was great to just stand and talk "Bird" as my wife would say and with 4 pairs of eyes not much was missed

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