Friday, 5 March 2010

I'll keep going

I'm on one of those runs where either the tide is not right (despite a link to tide tables), its too late in the afternoon, its too dark, we have left the camera at home,the pond is still frozen, etc, etc, etc.
But fortunately, we are too daft to give up.
It started early in the week with a trip to St. Mary's when I knew I was a bit late for the rising tide but when I got there it was right up with the birds I wanted to view on the island. Despite knowing this a detour to Blyth business park riverside had all the Goldeneye miles away in the very wide, top of the tide, river.
Yesterday a drive from Blanchland to Stanhope saw some cracking snow scenes. There is a stretch of about a mile of road which is deep rutted snow with only occasionally tarmac showing. We had cracking views of Red Grouse on pure white snowfield ten feet from the car - no camera. At this point the snow is three feet deep at the roadside. At Stanhope, Red Breasted Mergansers on the river fifteen feet away in good sunlight - still no camera. Not to mention Red Kite, Buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk all within camera range.
Today after yesterday's owl reports it was down to Prestwick Carr with bins, camera, scope, time but no owls, Its still a captivating spot - in my eyes anyway. So in the last vestiges of light -
Curlew looking for a roost

These two Canada's dropped into the reeds

and there was a cracking sunset

onward and upward!

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Newton Stringer said...

Absolutely !.... and the spring is nearly here too.....