Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Linnet or Twite ?

Had a wander around Havannah this afternoon where the large flock of Goldfinches seems ever present. Also Greenfinch, Moorhen, Wren, Grey Heron, Canada Goose, Mute Swan, Robin, Mallard, Lapwing, Carrion Crow, Blackbird, Woodpigeon.
Would appreciate some comment re identifying the first image. I'm thinking it is either female Linnet or Twite?

I promise there are Roe deer in pic below


Blyth Birder said...

It a Linnet - male non-breeding plumage based on the bluey grey head, warm upperparts.

Lacking the striking red on forehead and breast of summer plumage.

Twite are a more 'cuter' (hate that word) bird with smaller stubbier bill.

Citybirding said...

Thanks for the help. Thinking back I think there might have been twite as well in the fields alongside Havannah. Will have to look closer