Thursday, 26 March 2009

I Know I Shouldn't Have....

I know its against the rules to interfere but a nanosecond after this was taken...

....the Sparrowhawk flew in from the right and latched onto the thrush.
Should I, Shouldn't I ...lasted for another nanosecond and I was out into the back garden and not until I was about three feet away did the hawk release and take flight.
But as soon as the thrush got airborne, the hawk , swooped down again and once more had the thrush pinned on the ground. Again I got to within a few feet before it released for a second time and as I watched it rise, it took up the chase of the other Mistle Thrush over the roof tops and away.
The first thrush went off at a rate of knots and a minute later the other flew back over the rooftops free of its hunter.
So I suppose I'll never get onto Simon King's team, could have had some gruesome pics, but I've become mates with this pair of Mistle Thrushes,.... I just wish they would go back to where they came from - now.
As stated in an earlier posting, I knew this event was more than likely to take place.
Every time I have one of these incidents with birds(feathered), it reminds me of a saga with a Razorbill, which even now I cannot believe occurred. As soon as I get some Razorbill photos to illustate, I will relate the story.

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