Sunday, 16 November 2008

Dunston mudflats 15/11/08

Arrived at South side of the river about 8.30am with early sunlight.
Had a look around the Dunston Staithes mudflats and the area around where the Teams enters the Tyne. At these points there were small numbers of Redshank, the odd Teal and Curlew.

Followed the river as far as the back of Costco where the were more of the same plus
Lesser Black-backed gulls.
Could see that there were larger numbers on the flats on the Newcastle side of the river although with the sun position it is more difficult to get good pics looking South.

However I went over to the North Side and just about to set up digiscoping when a fleet of oarsmen came down river , scattering every bird in site.
Still there is always tomorrow

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