Saturday, 8 November 2008

Newcastle Business Park mudflats

Arrived at West end of promenade around mid afternoon.
Light drizzle, broken cloud, S.W wind.

Waters edge was about 50 meters from prom with dropping levels. Opposite Dunston Staithes, birds were along the whole length of the water edge. All the usual suspects Plover-100, Redshank-200, Curlew-3 pair, Golden Plover -50, Teal- 6pair, Cormorants , Gulls-( have to confess to not being confident with Gull identification, but am working on it).
What a bird the Curlew is. Is there a better advert for evolution theory.

There appeared to be as many birds on the opposite side of the river with the Dunston mudflats holding a large number but too far for me to identify. Must try to revisit this area on different tide heights and understand where all these birds roost when it is high tide.

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