Monday, 24 November 2008

River Derwent/Tyne Confluence

I had never had a look at the River Derwent and Tyne confluence, so parked at B&Q carpark Swalwell and headed downstream on the Eastside path. Having recently just failed to get a couple of Goosander pics in the Exhibition Park, I was delighted to come across two pair on the river beside the Radio Metro building.

The pics are not great but the birds colours were great. While getting these was surprised to see a Tree creeper working a riverside tree trunk. On reaching the river mouth at least I have established that I need to be there earlier in the rising tide since there was little mud showing and zero waders.

I was there 3hours after low tide, so next time I reckon I need to be there from low tide to two hours after, or more important between tide heights of 1.5 - 2.0 metres .Loads of birds on the Scotswood side of the river.
On the way back apart from two Little Grebe and four Mallard nothing to report.
Went onto Shibdon Pond.

All the usual Shibdon suspects,Teal,Moorhen,Coot, Lapwing,Blackheaded Gull including Shelduck which managed to get head down on every pic I took except one.

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