Friday, 16 May 2014


A return visit to the Spetchells, Prudhoe was today's plan. Arrived around 9.30am and first a walk along the riverside where the wild flower display was amazing, with Green-veined Whites, Orange Tip, and Small Tortoiseshell darting about all over the place.
Then reached the first hill and up onto the top.
Again the wildflower show was worth the climb. Looking for little insects with flappy wings was the priority and in one of the clearings I spotted what I took to be a Skipper. Was not to sure which but I believe it to be Dingy Skipper. Another tick in the Quest box which I'll claim till someone informs. me otherwise.

Comment please if I'm mistaken. Saw at least half a dozen on the top. .
Also spotted Wall Brown and Speckled Wood.
The wildflowers were worth pausing for.

Then a visit to the pond just east of the last hill brought a welcome sighting of my first Four-spotted Chaser and Common Bluetail damselfly,

An enjoyable wander


kirstallcreatures said...

Great pics of the Dingy Skipper, good sighting

kirstallcreatures said...

Hey Ive just tried clicking on your Butterfly Quest box and it comes up with a message that I don't have access to it. Not sure what that's about.