Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Town Moor

After all of the recent rainfall the Town Moor is swamp like in large areas
Together with the mud making cow herd still on the moor there are a couple of well muddied ponds which I hoped may hold some birds. Late this afternoon I set off to check them out.
The first distant target I could see had birds flying over it but then they were flying off. By the time I was in binocular range I was just in time to see a Sparrowhawk flying away - so no more birds there for a while.
My second target was being approached by a couple with six dogs - another blank.
Being almost there I set off for Exhibition Park pond setting a Snipe to flight from one of the numerous wet areas.  The pond held six Goosanders.

On the return over the Moor I could hear the calls of Golden Plover overhead where a flock of many hundred wheeled about prior to settling into their night time roost. I understand that this Town Moor roost has been going on for many years.

Pied Wagtail and Black headed Gulls were populating the many wet and muddy patches
across the Moor

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