Saturday, 15 September 2012


An open day at Northumberlandia presented to chance to have a look around.
There were loads of visitors in the same mind. The extensive pond areas will no doubt provide some wildlife interest in the future.

Spotted only Pipits, Grey Heron and Magpie but, once the number of visitors settles it will be interesting to see what turns up. The scrub area adjacent will no doubt provide good cover for the local bird population.

 We did have a Common Darter come to rest on the path in front of us so it hasn't taken them long to find the place.

I understand that it will not be open to the public fully for another few weeks but we will then have another location to have a wander and watch - can't be bad.


The Liverbirder said...

Intended a visit yesterday myself but when I arrived I was without the £2 'voluntary' car parking fee, so was put off by the 'guards' on the gate (I cannot walk past a sken bucket of coins with ease!). It is open today, then Wed/Th/Fri/Sat/Sun next week and permanently from 20/10.

Citybirding said...

There were quite a few 'waived through' when they didnt have the change.