Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gosforth Park NR

Late afternoon visit to Gosforth Park NR in sunshine was very pleasant. At the pond hide the Common Terns were sharing the platform with a Greylag goose and Black-headed gull. Reed Buntings and Sedge Warbler were seen.

The Swans have a brood of nine and there were Little Grebe, Coot and Moorhen.
Walking through the woodland Roe Deer and Fox were spotted, Jay and  Green Woodpecker heard and then both briefly seen.
This Wren was singing its heart out


Johnnykinson said...

Brillint Wren image, i love 'em.
The BIG question "No Damsels ??"
Obviously not.
I feel a Broad-bodied Chaser coming on later this week !!!

James Common said...

Great Wren image! Such a nice little bird.

Citybirding said...

Johnny, where oh where are the damselfly. Got to appear this week.
Thanks James

kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely set of pics pops

Johnnykinson said...

My mate is a ranger at Weetslade and he saw 4-5 DRAGONFLIES as he said, around the ponds that are officially "out of bounds" to the public. He doesn't know his D & D's so he may have seen Large-red Damsels,as he said they were red. He's calling down in the morning with his camera and i may join him, depending.