Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blanchland moors and Stanhope

Leaving the valley heading for the moors we pulled over to the right where an old mining pond remained with Curlew and Mistle Thrush around its perimeter, while Lapwing and Curlew flew over the surrounding fields.
Climbing further up onto the moors more and more Red Grouse appeared.

There certainly appeared to be good numbers  although a greater number of heather burning strips were evident.
We stopped by a small stream where in the past I had been certain that I had seen Rig Ouzel and after a short stroll down the stream I heard a call similar to that of a Blackbird alarm and then it broke cover showing itself to be Ring Ouzel.
We carried on over the top to Stanhope and after more intake of refreshment, wandered down to the river where there were Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Barn Swallow and a few renegades

On the main street some magnificent model steam engines

and the fossil tree has a new sign

On the return journey back over the moors we spotted what I thought was a very light coloured Red Kite but was intrigued when I realised that none of the photos I managed showed a forked tail although I'm convinced I saw one when watching it thro' the bins. 
It had a very light grey head.
and repeatedly dropped onto the same spot before flying off up the valley.

a little later we spotted another two or three Red Kite

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