Sunday, 24 July 2011

Newcastle Great Park

After three or four hours plumbing work earlier today I just had enough time left to wander around the pond whilst there was still heat in the sun
However the only dragonfly on show were Emperors

This female was wing beating so hard it created ripples radiating outward

After watching one male hawking up and down the edge of the reeds for about fifteen minutes it suddenly dived through a gap in the reeds and I guessed settled somewhere in that area. So I did my Ray Mears bit and circled around it so that I was between the sun and the presumed basking dragonfly. I edged forward to where I guessed it would be perched, scanning every possible spot. After ten minutes of inching forward I thought, enough, I'm off for tea. Took one step forward only to have both male and female rise a yard in front of me and hover a foot in front of my nose before heading off over the pond.
Still there's always next time.

1 comment:

Johnnykinson said...

Slightly confused early in posting. I thought the pond you had refered to had been made due to your plumbing efforts.
"A novel way to do a bit of dragoning"....i thought to myself.
Love the rippling water image.