Monday, 25 July 2011

Its Question Time

Having a pint in the County the other night when one of the lads asks
"Why is it that Killy lake can be stuffed with swans and Big Waters rarely has more than one pair? "
I was unable to satisfy his curiosity.
I need a sound answer to this one, before I meet up with him again at the beginning of next week , 'cos my mate is not one to be fobbed off with any old rubbish.
Thanks in advance.


Brian R said...

Re Swans at Killy, im guessing its a food issue, perhaps Big Waters no longer has a good food supply, the Coots deserted it a long time ago.

Water conditions may be responsible, as might Otters.

PCF said...

As usual it must be a complex answer. Feeding is definately a major factor in the congregation at Killingworth however I suspect it is a case that so many birds are attracted that a dominant individual cannot prevail. There was such a bird at Bolam but it eventualty succumbed. I suspect that at Big Waters there is sufficient space for a dominant male to drive off intruders and thus hold the territory.

Johnnykinson said...

I know that the majority of the Mute Swans are non breeders so there is very little in the way of disruption and as the guys say there are always plenty of people feeding them.