Monday, 28 March 2011

Red Kite Carnival

A visit to see family today presented the opportunity to spend a bit of time Kitewatching in the Derwent Valley. Now,  having a coffee, sitting in the conservatory might not be everyones idea of birdwatching but the Kites were soaring over the houses time and time again.

I've read where there is some doubt as to why they have not spread away from the Derwent Valley more quickly. Well I can tell you why, and its because they are too well fed where they are. Left over chicken seems to do them nicely.
Seeing seven or eight of these birds together makes quite a sight.

Whilst walking between Rowlands Gill and Highfield along the roadside path we spotted a Kite scouring the roadside verge, ahead of us,  from no more than ten to twelve feet above ground which was how high it passed over our heads.
During a walk over the old Garesfield Colliery site, which is having a makeover by Gateshead Council, we saw Roe Deer and heard Tawny Owls.

The makeover work is involving removal of non local broad leaf and conifers and the hard topping of footpaths, and is making for an interesting location for a wander, with fantastic views over the Derwent Valley.

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