Monday, 7 March 2011

More of last week

Further to my last post we had a short visit to Leighton Moss with a particular target of the female Marsh Harrier. We had wandered down to the Public Hide where there were small numbers of Goldeneye, and Wigeon but not having the time to sit and wait I suggested we do a bit of walking. Just as I got off my seat and had one last look out there was the Harrier, just above the reeds. It turned away from us and up over the crest of adjacent hills and out of sight. At least we saw it.
Away from the hide I thought I heard the 'ping' of a Bearded Tit but did not get a sighting as half a dozen Buzzards circled above.
We moved to Jenny Brown's Point just south of Silverdale. What a cracking area for coastal walks. A group of at least one hundred Pintail  feeding near was a memorable event.
I didn't take this photo there but I'll tell you where I did  later

Just North of here at Know End Point the walk at the head of the beach included Great Spotted Woodpecker, and a couple of Nuthatch in the trees at the head of the beach.
The walk was nicely finished at the Bakehouse at Silverdale with a hot pastie, cream and jam scone and a huge coffee. Nice.

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